Artian - Organization


Nowadays so many people focused on getting instead of giving, thus we are trying not to become the getting one :)

Artian team are now starting organization named artian - combination of the words "art" (english) and "artian" (indonesia language) - the way art creates meaning. This organization will support and bring happiness to children from low income families through art freely. More than 5% of the profit from Artian is shared to this organization by giving them sets of drawing tools and teaching them how to draw in a fun way.

This organization was inspired by Luluq Baraqbah when she became a photographer and illustrator freelancer in Dubai. In her free time, she taught and shared anything related to art for children around the apartment in central city of Dubai. As a result, she could feel the happiness surrounding around both the kids and her self during this time. Moreover, art also could give inspiration and everything positive related to their character.

This way to bring happiness and new hope through art is needed to convey to the kids in Indonesia. Together with her sister, La Nashia, they are starting to build artian organization in Indonesia with the same spirit and motivation. The purpose of this non profit organization is to empower the kids living below the poverty line. Everybody could join this organization, because around 5% of the profit is shared to this organization by giving them set of drawing tools, teach them how to draw and express their feeling.

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